About Brazilian Kids Kare

São Paulo, EST 2014


What is BKK

We are a non-profit association that was born from a cry in the heart of God. A foreign couple was faced with the harsh and desolate reality in which many families are exposed in the Northeast region of Brazil, in complete social vulnerability, without access to education, culture, ethical and moral values and, above all, without access to the knowledge of God.

What we believe

God doesn't put limitations on his children! Based on this fact, we believe that everything is possible for those who believe, and we believe that it is possible to save hundreds of thousands of children in Brazil, who are at risk. Our plan is to open at least 100 orphanages equipped to support these children and transform the reality of each one of them with resources that we believe God has already made available to us.

Our purpose

Brazilian Kids Kare operates in the implementation, structuring and maintenance of orphanages and social projects in Brazil with the purpose of welcoming and supporting vulnerable children, teenagers and adults in developing activities to support and help further their education, and by promoting awareness and broad mobilization of ethical, moral, social, cultural and spiritual values.


The Brazilian Kids Kare Association understands that the role of an organization that works in socioeconomically vulnerable communities is to offer children, young adults and adults possibilities and opportunities through institutional care through day care centers and student housing, providing access to education, knowledge, exercises, experiences and dialogues, enabling each one of them to reintegrate into society, undoing the previous situation which they lived.

Our board of directors

Amazing results happen when determined people come together. Here at Brazilian Kids Kare, we continue to work for more incredible results. The team has competent professionals, passionate about the cause and who go to great lengths to impact the lives of children and young people throughout Brazil.

Reinhard Hirtler
Vinicius Lemos
Finance Director

Fiscal Council

Our organization's tax advisors strive for legality and honesty, checking our accounts and advising on the best paths to choose. People with vast experience in finance and auditing, applying their knowledge, in working together to make a difference here in Brazil!

Adriana Miranda
Fiscal Council
Paulo Pereira
Fiscal Council

How did everything start

In 2014, Reinhard and Debi Hirtler took a trip to São Luís in Maranhão, and came across a scene that did not resemble the general situation they were familiar with in Brazil. They heard about a 7-year-old girl offering to prostitute herself in exchange for fruit, to satisfy her hunger.

They were shocked, so they asked the people who were with them to take them to the poorest places in that region. Then they went to an area where people lived in houses made of sticks and mud in extreme poverty. Afterwards they went to a large garbage dump, and saw that children lived there, always looking for something to eat in the middle of all the waste.

Talking to local residents, they realized that the common reality was physical and sexual abuse, even at home. Mothers and fathers, often drug users, sold their daughters into prostitution. Even though the place seemed to have a considerable presence of religious institutions, they clearly made no real difference in these people's lives.

This whole scene of destruction and neglect made Reinhard and Debi extremely sad. They returned home, and were in prayer for four months, crying, not knowing what to do to somehow impact or help that situation.

That's when, together, they decided to do what had to be done, especially for street children, orphans, and abandoned kids at risk. The dream of opening 100 shelters spread across the poorest regions of Brazil was born at that time.

Brazilian Kids Kare was created, and by the end of 2020 shelters, social projects and assisted-living homes were implemented. All this was built through faith, and other people who also decided to be a channel of God to these children.

BKK also fully supports and helps other local organizations, including helping them with the implementation process, purchasing of land, construction of buildings, maintenance, employees' payroll, supplies, basic hygiene needs, and any other things that are essential for the perfect functioning of the institutions.

Children and teenagers are fed with healthy nutritional food, are enrolled in schools, and sometimes have private teachers, receive pedagogical, medical and psychological care, play sports and have fun, like normal and healthy children.

Be Part of our Community

Do you want to partner with us? Contact us! Even if there are no open positions, it is possible to register as it will be kept in an BKK database.

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