Day Care Center, São Luís

In July of 2015 we purchased a piece of land with a building already on it. After renovating the building, in May of 2016 we opened our first Day Care Center for 50 poor children. They receive teaching about school subjects, sports, music, God and Jesus. The first day was emotionally overwhelming for everyone involved. The children were given free food, free nice clothes and lots of love and hope for the future. Two years later we have over 80 children being cared for in that Day Care Center. In 2018 we had 83 children cared for with both morning and afternoon sessions. Impressions ...

Orphanage, Natal

We took over and renovated an orphanage in Natal, in the northeast of Brazil at the end of 2016. It was about to be shut down by the governing authorities and the children most likely would have returned to the streets where they had come from. Since the end of 2016 we have housed, fed and cared for over 20 children who were brought to us by the local authorities, who are the ones who also wrote the law saying that no more than 20 children can be housed in an orphanage at one time. They have since given us special written permission to have more since they are so impressed by our standards and care for the children there. Since it has now been discovered that the need in the whole country is so great, our new goal is to build 100 orphanages in the poorest areas of Brazil. We have already started a new construction on the same property as the existing orphanage. This new building wll house 20-30 more children. It will hopefully be completed by February of 2019. We can also report that a number of our children have been adopted to good families and we have heard back that they are happy with their new families.

Day Care Center, Natal

Reinhard and Debi visited Natal, another city in the Northeast of Brazil, and were shocked by the terrible need among the children there. Our hearts were so broken for these poor children. God connected us with a wonderful pastor and his wife who have a true burden to work among these needy children, but lacked resources. After much prayer, we decided to open a Day Care Center there as well, for the purpose of protecting these children from the terrible abuse they receive at the hands of men while their mothers are at work. In March 2018 we opened the Day Center in Natal with 92 children from an extremely poor area.

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