The Vision

Sao Luis

We built a Day Care Center in São Luís and renovated it.

We have already gotten many children off the streets and into some kind of regular routine of learning about school subjects and the Bible but also doing regular sport activities. We eventually want to be able to rescue many more children who are being abused at the hands of family members. The local authorities know about the abuses but keep saying that they cannot take the children away because there is no place they can put them. Now we are making a safe place for them.

Reinhard and Debi  have entered the process for adoption. They are waiting for the authorities to cut through the mountains of red tape so they can bring a child from the orphanage home with them. They also want to be an example to the Brazilian churches to step up and start adopting these children as well. Some Brazilians have started to follow their example already. 

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