How It All Started

On one of Reinhard and Debi’s trips to minister to a Videira church in the very north of Brazil in a city called São Luís they were informed of the horrific situations that exist due to the extreme poverty of the whole State of Maranhão, of which São Luís is the capital.

One pastor there told them the story about the day he was walking down the street and a strange woman came up to him and asked him to take her 6 month old baby because she couldn’t feed her anymore. That mother had no idea what kind of person that pastor was, since he was a stranger to her. But he took the baby. Now he has adopted her and she is a part of his family and when we met her she was already 6 years old.

Apparently it happens many times that mothers offer their children and babies to strangers to either take them and care for them or to have sex with them in exchange for money to buy food for the family.

In January of 2015 Reinhard met with a pastor from the United States who wanted to come over to Brazil to see for himself the whole poverty situation. They spent three days from morning until late at night amongst the poorest of the poor in Brazil. They visited trash dumps where whole families live and collect trash to sell (mainly plastic and paper) in order to survive. This is their whole existence. Some photos of that visit are in the Gallery (São Luís).

After Reinhard and Debi came home from their first trip to São Luís they decided that something had to be done and that they couldn’t just ignore the whole situation. So they wrote a newsletter to some friends to explain the situation. Some people wanted to know how they could help or even donate some money to try and alleviate the situation at least a little bit. And the Brazilian Kids Kare was born and started growing from that moment on.

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