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Did you know that currently in Brazil there are about 4.4 million children in extreme poverty and 104.000 children who do not have a home and a family where they can be cared for and loved? Thus, many end up living in institutions that do not always have adequate infrastructure or end up living on the streets and being exposed to all kinds of physical, emotional and mental violence.

We at Brazilian Kids Kare (BKK) are working to change this reality!

Our Mission

To transform the lives of poor, abused, neglected and abandoned children in Brazil, giving them value, hope and a future through an encounter with the love of God.

The Vision

Build 100 orphanages in Brazil to change the nation's destiny and future; inspire and help others to do the same, providing know-how with no cost; pouring out our lives, resources and love to the hopeless children, and putting a smile back on their faces; create after school social projects and other projects to prevent physical and emotional abuse of children.

BKK Values

Love, Dignity, Perseverance, Altruism, Generosity and Excellence.


If you have any questions that our website is unable to answer, feel free to contact us in person (we will reply as soon as possible)

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